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R309-105-12.  Cross Connection Control.

(1)  The water supplier shall not allow a connection to his system which may jeopardize its quality and integrity.  Cross connections are not allowed unless controlled by an approved and properly operating backflow prevention assembly.  The requirements of Chapter 6 of the 2009 International Plumbing Code and its amendments as adopted by the Department of Commerce under R156-56  shall be met with respect to cross connection control and backflow prevention.

(2)  Each water system shall have a functioning cross connection control program.  The program shall consist of five designated elements documented on an annual basis.  The elements are:

(a)  a legally adopted and functional local authority to enforce a cross connection control program (i.e., ordinance, bylaw or policy);

(b)  providing public education or awareness material or presentations;

(c)  an operator with adequate training in the area of cross connection control or backflow prevention;

(d)  written records of cross connection control activities, such as, backflow assembly inventory; and

(e)  test history and documentation of on-going enforcement (hazard assessments and enforcement actions) activities.

(3)  Suppliers shall maintain, as proper documentation, an inventory of each pressure atmospheric vacuum breaker, double check valve, reduced pressure zone principle assembly, and high hazard air gap used by their customers, and a service record for each such assembly.

(4)  Backflow prevention assemblies shall be inspected and tested at least once a year, by an individual certified for such work as specified in R309-305.  Suppliers shall maintain, as proper documentation, records of these inspections.  This testing responsibility may be borne by the water system or the water system management may require that the customer having the backflow prevention assembly be responsible for having the device tested.

(5)  Suppliers serving areas also served by a pressurized irrigation system shall prevent cross connections between the two.  Requirements for pressurized irrigation systems are outlined in Section 19-4-112 of the Utah Code.

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